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General Terms

Dear prospective customers,
SCHELLER is a small company manufacturing guitar tuning machines.
Quality, not mass production, is what counts for us. This is why we offer only a limited selection of standard models. However, we also design and manufacture custom tuning machines if so desired.

Purchase Orders
We primarily deliver to commercial customers (e.g. musical instrument builders), but also private customers may order from us.
Please note the following:

Commercial customers:
For this customer group price lists are available .
Please send us an official proof such as VAT ID, letter sheet, etc. The prices are in EURO and are without 19% VAT.
For deliveries to EU member states (outside Germany), companies pay the net selling price without 19% VAT. (Please inform us of your valid VAT ID).

Privat customers:
For private customers we are happy to make individual offers, please contact us by mail or telephone, we will be happy to advise you.
For deliveries to EU member states (outside Germany), private customers pay the gross sales price incl. 19% VAT.

Orders may be placed with us directly or via your luthier or dealer, respectively.
Before production has started, both customer and manufacturer are at liberty to cancel the order any time. After production has started, the customer will be charged with the cost accrued to that point in time, minimum 50% of order value.

With your order, kindly state your preferred method of payment.
We are accepting:
Bank transfers, with all bank fees to be paid by customer.
PayPal payments, for which we will charge a prorated fee of 3% of invoice amount.
Different methods of payment may be negotiated with manufacturer.

Down Payments
No down payments will be required for standard tuning machines.
Custom tuning machines will require a down payment of 50% of order value. This amount is not refundable.

Delivery Time
Depending on the design, delivery will be between 4 to 8 weeks after receipt of order.
Special deliveries to be negotiated.

Order Procedure
Our order acknowledgement will be sent in due course after receipt of order, and it will state the anticipated delivery time.
A few days before shipment, we will contact you again and determine details as to payment, method of shipping, etc.
Foreign customers will receive a Proforma Invoice.

Shipment will usually be made by UPS parcel, insured. Shipping cost only covers the cost to ship the item to you. The buyer is responsible for any duty or import fees into their country.
Different methods of shipment to be negotiated.

As governed by law.