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For maintenance we recommend:

Caring for the worm and gear wheel
A soft toothbrush is very suitable for cleaning the worm and the gear.
Always brush in the direction of the teeth, from the bottom (plate) to the top. This way dust and material abrasion will be brushed out.
Then put a few drops of viscous, synthetic oil, colorless and odorless silicone-based bicycle chain oil is very suitable, on the toothbrush and also brush from the bottom up, tooth by tooth. Proceed in the same way with the worm.
Caution: Do not use thin oil or even spray.
The best time to do this is when the strings are changed.

Remove dust on brass
If only dust has settled on the brass, you can remove it dry with a clean soft brush. To avoid leaving ugly fingerprints on the delicate brass, either put on cotton gloves or hold the brass part with a kitchen towel to dust.

Removing fingerprints and grease stains from brass
Pre-existing fingerprints or other grease stains on a brass piece can be removed with a little warm soapy water or vinegar water, without much pressure and a Q-tip, soft sponge or soft brush, in a circular motion. After wiping the brass item with a damp cloth, you should dry it with a soft cloth. When doing so, touch the item only with the cloth and avoid direct skin contact.

For temporary preservation, lightly oil with silicone oil afterwards.

Please avoid standing water on the plate and guitar, as well as the entry of cleaning agents into the gear (worm and gear wheel) at all costs.

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