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January 2024:

Due to the high demand and in collaboration with various guitar manufacturers, we have revised our ukulele shafts. So far, we had modified the shaft for acoustic guitars into ukulele shafts for solid headstock and adapted it as good as possible.

The newly designed shaft for Ukulele is perfect in size and shape for the thin headboards of usually 11mm or 12mm, and still offers the proven precise function.

For ukuleles with slotted headstock, we have adapted our ivory and buffalo horn shafts to the shortened dimensions of a ukulele head.

July 2023:
We have added new buttons and single plate shapes to our catalogue.

For use on electric guitars with close spacing, as with most Strat heads, the previous plate and button shapes were not suitable. New and different plate shapes, such as the model ES-2, as well as the buttons in tulip shape, which are currently available in ebony and snake wood, fit perfectly.

Of course the buttons and plates fit on mandolins or ukuleles!

June 2023:
Restoration of historical guitars / left-hand guitar tuners

In collaboration with Hermann Hauser III we created a mechanic, which we copied from an original Hauser guitar from 1927. The special feature is the small distance between the shafts of only 33.5mm. In addition, at that time the worm and gear were mounted counter-rotating/reverse, based on today's standard.

The development resulted in a professional and modern replacement mechanism for the restoration of historical guitars. Whether in replacement, repair or restoration, Scheller Guitar tuners with the shaft distance for historical guitars and the reverse gear now has the opportunity to fulfill every wish.

The counter-rotating gear parts (gear & worm) can be combined on any plate and with any type of shaft, so that even left-hand guitars can be equipped.

January 2023:

A new shaft has been created. We call it shaft P because it was created in collaboration with Heiko Plank. It is a crossover shaft for closed headplates, which can be used variable on nylon strings as well as steel strings. The large string hole of 2.5mm allows the use even for bass strings. We have chosen the proven bronze as the base material.

December 2022:

We have redesigned our steel string shaft. The shape and material now fits perfectly to our mechanics and connects seamlessly to the ball bearings. We chose bronze as the base material.

February 2022:

We have expanded our range of surfaces, hand engravings and plate shapes. We will gradually update these into our configurators. Of course, you can already order them. Please add the text accordingly in the "Special customer requests" field of our configurator.

February 2021:

We have added three more variants to the two existing double bass handles. The new handles are now available in brushed aluminium, brushed brass, as well as Black Edition.

January 2021:

Update Mandolin:  The recently presented mandolin tuners for slotted headstock has been developed for a 6mm slot with different lengths, thus for a conical head plate.

After research and some constructive discussions with mandolin luthiers, we have expanded the system once again. Today we present further shaft versions that fit for the two main standard head plate variants. The shafts are named after the outer bridge width and slot size, with the same total length. The 5/14 shaft is made for a slot width of 14mm and an outer bridge width of 5mm, the 7/12 shaft for the slot width 12mm and 7mm outer bridge width. Both new versions, as well as the 6mm version, are equipped with the patented hybrid ball bearings.

June 2020:

This is the improved Mandoline tuner for slotted headstock. New plate design also in Black Edition available, as well as more options in the configuration page.


June 2020:
We revised and improved our double bass tuners from base. New configuration and options are available.

April 2018:
New hand engravings available!

September 2017:
The new Scheller design line "Black Edition" is available now!

Precious tuners in black combinable with all available engravings, knobs, shafts and caps/sleeves.

May 2017:

Now also available: Scheller Tuners for Double Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele

May 2017:

New tuners for Acoustic Guitars

Juli 2015:
New tuners available!

July 2015:

New hand engraving designs available!