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Scheller Tuners for Ukuleles

In response to many requests of our customers as well as the great success of our guitar tuners now Scheller Tuning Machines are also available for Ukuleles with solid and slotted headstock.
The advantages such as ball-bearing shafts and highest precision are also outstanding features here that each player will inspire.


Technical Data and Dimensions

Ukulele tuning machine for solid head
  • Gear ratio 1:16
  • Borehole diameter: 10 mm
  • Gewicht je nach Ausführung ca. 28gr
  • recommended thickness of headplate: 11mm

Ukulele Mechanik für Fensterkopfplatte
  • Standardübersetzung 1:16
  • Bohrlochdurchmesser 10 mm
  • Gewicht je nach Ausführung ca. 28gr
  • empfohlene Kopfplattenstärke: 18mm