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Oval Single Tuners Black Edition (Scheller Mod. EO Black Edition)

Knobs: Ebony

back, sides and neck: maple
Luthier: Daniel Zucali

Landsdorfer (Scheller Mod. L),
brass brushed & Black Edition
with special engraving design
by Elias Bonet Monné

Knobs: Ebony
Luthier: Elias Bonet Monné

On the occasion of his 10th anniversary as a luthier, we and Elias Bonet Monné had a special design cretaed by himself engraved on our tuner sets. Congratulation on the anniversary.

Classical Single Tuners
Black Edition
(Scheller Mod. EK Black Edition) for Western Guitars

Knobs: Koa Wood
Guitar: Tino Battiston


Daniel Zucali, Haag

Landsdorfer (Scheller Mod. L) in Nickel Silver

Single Classical (Mod. EK)

Rectangular (Scheller Mod. R)

Daniel Zucali


Special Model Lyra
(Scheller-Mod. LY)

with engraving #72
Knob: Nacre white

Solera Flamenca

Scheller Landsdorfer (Mod. L)
Black Edition with engraving
No. 65

Guitar: Frank Bungarten
Luthier: Christian Koehn

Landsdorfer (Scheller Mod. L)
Knobs made of Walnut

Luthier: Jonas Anatol Schneele

Scheller Oval Single Tuner
(Mod. EO for Accoustic Guitar)

Guitar: Bernhard Kretz
Luthier: Wilm Stötze

Scheller Singel Tuners (Mod. EK) on a classical guitar

Guitar: Ralf Buchholz
Luthier: Henning Doderer