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Pictures from customers with Scheller Gitarrenmechaniken

exclusive Model ETS for acoustic steelstring guitars

brushed brass
buttons: customer wood
luthier: Tom Sands 

Tom Sands Guitars

Model EK for acoustic guitar

engraving: #63
polished & gold-plated
buttons: 16 ABW
luthier: Rory Dowling, Taran Guitars

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Model EO for acoustic steelstring guitars

engraving: #63
polished & gold-plated
buttons: 1 ebony
luthier: Joseph Steinbock

Model Landstorfer with engraving #53

polished nickel silver
Knobs: 043Nacre grey

Luthier: Stephen Eden

Modell MR for mandolin

brushed nickel silver
buttons: 01 ebony round
Luthier: Lorenzo Lippi

Lorenzo Lippi

Model RF for steelstring guitars

Black Edition Vintage
buttons: 1 ebony
luthier: Loic Julien- Perreault

Guitares J.-Perreault | Quebec QC | Facebook

Model SP for steelstring guitar

polished brass 
engraving: custom engraving
buttons: 00 Snakewood
luthier: Mark Hatcher

Model EO for acoustic gutiar

polished brass 
engraving: 63
buttons: 00 Snakewood
luthier: Mark Hatcher

Model EK für akustische Gitarre

Messing poliert und vergoldet
Gravur: 63
Griffe: 16 Grenadill
Gitarrenbauer: Rory Dowling, Taran Guitars

Model H for classical guitars

brushed brass and nickel silver br /> engraving: 60, bzw. 54
buttons: 00 snake wood, nacre grey, walnut
luthier: Stephen Eden

Weißgerber-shape single tuning machine for acoustic guitar

matte brass gold-plated (Scheller Mod. EW)
buttons: 05 Horn
Luthier: Frans Elferink

Model MD for Mandolin

Black Edition, engraving #65
buttons: 01 ebony round

shaft: graduated length with the same window width

Luthier: Brian Dean

Model G for classical guitar, engraving no. 62

polished, gold plated

buttons: 01 ebony
Luthier: Libor Pražan

Classic-shape single tuner for acoustic guitar 

brushed nickel silver (Scheller Mod. EK)
buttons: 01 ebony
luthier: Tino Battiston 

Oval single tuner für acoustic guitar

brushed brass (Scheller Mod. EO)
buttons: 00 snake wood
Luthier: Tom Sands

Classic-shape single tuners custom-made
(Scheller Mod. EK polished) for acoustic guitar

knobs: provided by customer, rhodium-plated
guitar: Archtop OpusG

luthier: Theo Scharpach

All silver colored parts have been rhodium-plated.


Oval Single Tuner for acoustic guitars

brushed brass (Scheller Mod. EO)

buttons: 05 horn
luthier: Max Spohn

Oval Single Tuners Black Edition (Scheller Mod. EO Black Edition)

Knobs: 01 Ebony

back, sides and neck: maple
Luthier: Daniel Zucali

Landsdorfer (Scheller Mod. L),
brass brushed & Black Edition
with special engraving design #74
by Elias Bonet Monné

Knobs: 01 Ebony
Luthier: Elias Bonet Monné

On the occasion of his 10th anniversary as a luthier, we and Elias Bonet Monné had a special design cretaed by himself engraved on our tuner sets. Congratulation on the anniversary.

Classic-shape single tuners
Black Edition
(Scheller Mod. EK Black Edition) for acoustic guitars

buttons: 09 Koa Wood
Guitar: Tino Battiston


Daniel Zucali, Haag

Landsdorfer (Scheller Mod. L) in nickel silver, ebony buttons

Classic-shape single tuner (Scheller Mod. EK) in brushed brass, ebony buttons

Rectangular (Scheller Mod. R) in brushed brass, ebony buttons

Daniel Zucali


Special, exclusive plate Model Lyra, with engraving #72

brushed nickel silver
Knobs: 04 Nacre white

La Invencible, exclusive for

Felipe Conde, Luthier

Scheller Landsdorfer (Mod. L)
Black Edition with engraving
No. 65

Guitar: Frank Bungarten
Luthier: Christian Koehn

Landsdorfer (Scheller Mod. L)
Knobs made of ebony

Luthier: Jonas Anatol Schneele

Scheller Oval Single Tuner
(Mod. EO for acoustic guitar)

Guitar: Bernhard Kretz
Luthier: Wilm Stötze

Classic-shape singel tuners (Mod. EK) on a nylon guitar

Guitar: Ralf Buchholz
Luthier: Henning Doderer